Monday, March 25, 2013

Why are Unions the Only "Interest Groups?"

I recently read a story about the school choice movement. In the comments, I stated my belief that the charter school system and an eventual private school voucher program does not provide true choice, because those schools can either refuse admission to certain students or easily remove students who do not perform well academically and/or behaviorally. Through that kind of environment, they can achieve their performance goals and then claim they are superior to public schools. As I state over and over again, this is a trait that simply does not exist in traditional public schools. 

Someone responded to my comment saying that I am "confused" about the school choice movement and that he is not surprised given that the school choice message has been diluted by "interest groups."  Let's see. I guess those interest groups are the teachers unions? How is it that organizations like the teachers unions, Fund Education Now, Parents Across America, and the new Network for Public Education are interest groups while the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Students First, Democrats for Education Reform, the Walton Foundation, the Broad Foundation, the Fordham Institute, Parent Revolution, etc. are not special interest groups? The "reform" organizations have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to school board election candidates while candidates who are supposedly backed by the unions receive a few thousand dollars. The heads of these "reform" organizations get virtually unlimited and unchallenged air time on cable news while actual teachers are not consulted at all for their opinions. But, the unions are the only special interest groups. Yeah, right. 

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