Monday, March 11, 2013

I Support School Choice

Did I scare you? Well, my version of school choice is different from the rest. These are the only scenarios I will accept.

Open Enrollment in Public Schools

Reformers claim that education is all about the quality of the teacher. This implies that curriculum,  textbooks, access to technology, pedagogical requirements (like the Marzano or Danielson methods), student home life, etc. don't matter.  Since district schools are expected to do pretty much the same things when it comes to academics, then we can see if their claims hold true by allowing students to enroll at the public school of their choice.  

Charter & Private Vouchers for Adopting State System

I don't mind if the state pays for students to charter and private schools. That's if those schools have to adopt all of the practices that the state requires public schools to follow. Again, if the reformers' claims of educational quality being all about the teachers is true, then the charter and private school teachers must be able to do a better job of following the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, implementing the Common Core State Standards, following the Marzano or Danielson techniques, and instituting the FCAT exam better than the public school teachers, right? (Most private schools do not administer the FCAT exam.)

I do not think it is fair for the state to give public schools money with strings attached while allowing charter and private schools to take public money and do almost anything they want.

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