Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Common Core Standards: The Interesting Supporter

The Common Core State Standards are most likely coming to a state near you. Many in the "reform" crowd love the standards including Jeb Bush, Tony Bennet, Michelle Rhee, etc. Many in the business community, who also support the full-scale privatization of education, are also in support of the Common Core standards. 

It seems as though there are teachers on both sides of the debate. Some believe that the standards require too much, especially for students who do not start school with the level of knowledge they should, while others think it is a simplified, yet more rigorous approach to education.

It's interesting how the Common Core is one of the tenants of the education reform movement. It's even more interesting that huge supporters of the standards include the national teachers unions! Yes. Both the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers are full steam ahead on implementing the Common Core standards and making sure that teachers have a voice in their implementation on the state level. I wonder how many people who sing the praises of the reformers will back away when they find out the union supports the standards as much as their political idols do. Tony Bennett's election loss in Indiana (with Romney winning the state by ten points) is indicative that many Tea Party conservatives are not interested in the Common Core standards. Let's see how they react when they realize their buddies in power are in sync with the unions on this issue.

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