Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Teacher Bashing

I started this blog because I was tired of all of the false and/or misleading information I was hearing from commentators in the media as well as the nasty replies in the comments sections on education-related stories online. Recently, commentators in the media have gotten just as nasty in their comments towards teachers and public schools as the anonymous posters on internet forums. 

Well, the QMSTECH Blog compares the treatment teachers receive to someone in an abusive relationship. Please understand that this is not belittling abusive relationships, but merely examining the similarities between the two. I thought it was an interesting and thought-provoking post.

What is an abusive relationship like?

Aside from the physical abuse inherent in many interpersonal relationships, the psychological abusive has many characteristics. Here are some with interpretations of how they relate to being an educator in today’s society:
  • Using economic power to control you.  Schools in NY are cash strapped. There have been across the board cuts to help balance the budget and the APPR has essentially become another unfunded mandate. Every school I know has cut its staff over the last 4  years. Our administrators are run ragged and have less time to promote instruction. I have read articles about schools who may go bankrupt soon because they can not meet their expenses with the maximum 2% tax cap that the state has mandated.
  • Threats. We are going to fire you if your score doesn’t meet our cut off limit despite the fact that this is an untested system. We are going to publish your score in the paper. If your school doesn’t perform, we will close it and hire new teachers. 
Visit the blog here for the entire posting.

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