Monday, October 8, 2012

Spending and Progress

An Orlando Sentinel reader made a very good point in a recent Letter to the Editor. It is in response to a guest column about Seminole County's voter referendum to increase property taxes to fund schools. 

George Noga, in his Front Burner column on Sept. 28 against a tax hike for schools in Seminole County, writes that there is no correlation between per-pupil spending and educational quality.
If this is the case, private schools that spend nothing are just as good as those that charge exorbitant tuition, and so there is obviously no need for the expensive voucher programs Noga promotes.

The writer makes a good point. There are private schools that charge as little as $5,000 per year, and then there are private schools in my area that charge as much as $17,000 per year. The funny thing is that people tend to view the more expensive schools as the most prestigious ones. Now, I am not for runaway spending in education or any area of government. However, this broad swipe notion that increases in education spending do not produce improved educational outcomes falls on its head when we think about the "best" private schools and their correlation with cost. 

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