Thursday, October 25, 2012

Education: A Cooperative Endeavor

It is sad how teachers seem to get all of the blame for all of America's education problems. Contrary to all of the research touted by reformers on teacher quality being the largest influence on student success, teachers understand that education is a cooperative endeavor between the teacher, student and the parents. The research states that the teacher is the most important in-school factor in student achievement. This research does not imply that factors outside of school do not have any impact. They do. Here is an article from ABC with advice from Georgia teachers to parents to help strengthen this important partnership. I'll list the five pieces of advice below.

  1. "We're on the same team."
  2. "Curriculum isn't always up to us." 
  3. "Share the responsibility."
  4. "A track record doesn't guarantee a track star."
  5. "We know where you're coming from."

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