Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is it Wrong to Ask for a Raise?

If you work in a company, and you feel like you have added lots of value to the company, what is the logical thing to do? Ask for a raise. Asking for a raise does not guarantee that you will receive it, but there is nothing wrong with presenting your case to your employer.

Why can't teachers do the same without getting a bunch of negative push-back? It is as if detractors think it is a sin for teachers to ask for a raise, especially in economic times such as these. (I understand that there are a lot of people struggling out there. However, there are many people who are having the time of their financial lives in 2012.) Just because teachers within a district may ask for a raise does not mean that the district is obligated to provide it. This is simply part of the negotiation process. The employee submits a proposal and the employer decides whether it will be accepted. If it is accepted, good. If not, then move on until the next opportunity arises.

As we are always reminded, "That is how it works in private business."

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