Monday, August 6, 2012

Teaching Ranked as One of the Most Unhappiest Jobs

I was watching the morning news this morning, they were talking about a list published by Career Bliss listing the happiest and unhappiest jobs. The results were based on surveys by the website's members. Teaching was listed as the 3rd unhappiest job with an average salary of $43,663. 

Now, I do not believe that salary alone contributes to this ranking. I think a lot of it has to do with the media's portrayal of teachers and many people's attitudes about public education. When you're told by people who have little to no experience in education how to do your job, constantly told that the quality of the people in your profession is poor solely based on test scores, looked down upon because you have experience, etc. then I can imagine the teachers in this survey ranking themselves as being unhappy. When governments allow non-educators like those who run these education reform foundations to have massive influence on educational policy and operations that they would not extend to government institutions like the military or police, then I can see why teacher morale is sinking. When teachers have to take 100% of the blame for the problems students have instead of being one entity amongst many responsible parties (such as parents, students, neighborhoods, etc.), then some teachers are going to feel less enthused about their career. 

I am optimistic that we will return to an era where teachers are respected and treated like professionals. I'm just a little concerned about how long this period in our history will last. 

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