Friday, August 10, 2012

British TV Offers Challenge to Michelle Rhee

From what I've seen, Michelle Rhee and many other school reformers often appear on cable news channels unchallenged. Due to this, they get to repeat the mantra that the public school system as a whole is a failure, claim that there is a plethora of bad teachers and that the unions protect them, and that the only way to improve the system is to abolish "tenure," increase the amount of standardized testing, and to evaluate teachers in part by the performance of their students on standardized tests. Well, BBC recently featured a debate between Michelle Rhee and Mary Bousted. Bousted is a union leader in the UK.

A union leader said the on-air sacking of an American headteacher was the "ultimate humiliation".
The ATL's Mary Bousted tackled Michelle Rhee, who used to run Washington schools, on her dismissal of a head teacher which was shown in a TV programme.
The pair debated American lessons for UK schools, claims of cheating in the US system, and how under-performing teachers were removed in Britain.

Check out the video here on BBC's website.

If only we can see more debates like this on American television.

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