Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Homeschooling Comparison

Homeschooling is growing rapidly throughout the country. Parents who do so are wishing to customize their children's educational experience, provide them with a safe learning environment, provide a strong values-based component to their educational, and simply to spend more time with their children. Let me state that I have no issues with homeschooling. If a parent chooses to take that route, they are certainly within their right to do so. I certainly agree with the notion that your parent is your first teacher and should be your best teacher. 

My only issue is with the superior attitude that some of the parents who make this choice project unto classroom teachers. I frequently hear and read comments indicating that the homeschooling parent will do a better job of teaching their children than a school teacher will do. When they say this, they are usually talking about public school teachers. I think this type of statement is an insult to all teachers who teach in a classroom environment, whether they are in a public school, charter school, or private school. It is obvious that a parent teaching her biological children has a significant chance of attaining greater results than the classroom teacher who is responsible for 20-150 of other people's children. With homeschooling, you get to provide your child with a completely customized educational experience, where you are allow to let that child operate in his strengths, but also spend an unlimited amount of time shoring up his weaknesses.  Unlike most classroom teachers, they get to select the curriculum and teaching methods that work best for their children, and they get to operate at a pace that will maximize their children's success. 

Again, I do not believe that there is anything wrong with homeschooling. However, there are different sets of responsibilities for classroom teachers and homeschooling parents. 

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