Tuesday, July 10, 2012

School Boards vs. The State

Across the country, the power of locally elected school boards are being taken away in order to comply with ever increasing state and national mandates. Here is a post from the Tampa Bay Times education blog discussing a column written by Citrus County School Board member Pat Deutschman making such claims.

School board members across Florida are proclaiming their support of education accountability as they adopt resolutions opposing the state's reliance on FCAT results for so many measures, such as teacher performance and third-grade promotion.
While many focus on the testing aspect of the issue, Citrus County School Board member Pat Deutschman adds another angle to the conversation. She suggests in a column for the Citrus County Chronicle that people also should be up in arms about the state's strong-arm tactics.
Local school board members know better than some unelected bureaucrats and political appointees in Tallahassee.

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