Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Problem with "Waiting for Superman"

I saw Waiting for Superman a little over a year ago. I borrowed it from the library. :-)

Though the movie expressed some legitimate concerns, there is one big problem with this documentary. The documentary provides a very lopsided view of our education system. It goes into the worst of the worst schools in New York City (and Washington, DC if I remember correctly) and uses those schools as the example of a typical public education. Then they present charter schools as the alternative, using the best of the best charter schools as its example of what a typical charter school education can provide.

I do not see how people don't see past this blatant bias when watching the movie. My school district has a few struggling schools, but it also has some high-achieving schools. It would be totally unfair for a media crew to use the performance of the struggling school(s) to judge of the performance of the entire district.

Unfortunately, many people take this movie as gospel and often cite it in debates about public education. 

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