Thursday, July 26, 2012

Legislators and Charter Schools Want More "Equitable" Funding

The Orlando Sentinel Education Blog is reporting that the state is creating a task force to explore more equitable facilities funding for charter schools. 

A new state task force has been tapped to make recommendations to the Florida Legislature on “more equitable facility funding for charter schools and schools operated by a school district.”
The new panel is to have its first meeting tomorrow, though, so far, Gov. Rick Scott has not announced his appointments to the task force.  The speaker of the Florida House and the president of the Florida Senate have made their appointments to the 11-member group.
The task force was created by the Florida Legislature amid concerns by charter-school advocates that those independent but publicly financed schools have struggled, under the current system, with funding for facilities and other capital projects.

The state already gave all of the 2011-2012 school year's Public Educational Outlay Capital (PECO) funds to charter schools. Now, legislators and charter school advocates are requesting that they be funded equally. The crux of the charter school argument is that they can do everything public schools do for less money and with better academic results. Well, they need to live up to the arguments they made when they were calling for charter school expansion! They need to prove to the taxpayers that they can perform their duties for less money than traditional schools. 

This seems like the perfect strategy. Set yourself up as being able to do more things with less money. After gaining widespread support through expansion, suddenly raise prices. It seems as though this was the plan after all. 

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