Monday, June 25, 2012


Welcome to Education Policy Musings! I started this blog to provide commentary on issues affecting education in America. I am amazed at much of the misinformation out there about public education. It seems as though the most influential people in education policy today are people with little to no K-12 classroom teaching experience. I believe that teachers should always be at the table during education policy debates instead of being ignored. This blog will provide insights into what's happening in the world of public education from the perspective of someone who is actually in the classroom. 

I understand that public education in America is not in pristine condition. In some areas, particularly  in major cities, many public schools are in crisis mode. However, I feel that many of the reforms that are being put into place today are doing more harm to public schools than improving them. It is my goal to provide my readers with information I believe will help strengthen our schools for the benefit of the students. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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